Awesome Digital Publishing Solution Free

Design Personal Homepage Free

Design your own personal homepage with custom banner and profile image on AnyFlip and share your own digital publications with others. AnyFlip is a nice way to allow multiple authors to design and add content themselves to a publication while giving the publisher a lot of opportunity to customise the Personal Homepage look and feel.

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Embed Bookshelf on your site Free

Choose between different bookcase embedding options for your website, from a simple linkable page to the full publication. Self manage your publications on your own online bookshelf and brand your bookshelf with company logo. You can easily embed the bookshelf into your blog or website.

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Subscribers Free

Import, manage and harvest your subscriber base with our flexible subscription management system; Simply manage all subscribers who like and subscribe to your digital publications and learn more about their behaviors.


SEO Free

Did you think search engine optimization only applied to things like websites, blogs, or online articles? Fact is, we've designed your flipbook to employ SEO techniques just like any other digital content in order to help bring you to the top of the search engine heap. Your digital publication content can be visible and indexed by Google bots and it is more engaging for people who search your publications via search engine.

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Social Share Free

Want everybody to share? By sharing your PDF flipping book, you will increase the number of viewers. It can be beneficial to share your stunning digital magazines with others via social networks, such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc.

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Analyze & Measure Free

What are your customers engaging with? AnyFlip has an powerful analytics feature allowing you to access reports on the digital publications performance. You can easily find out all statics (Publication Reads, Homepage Visitors, Page Views, Link click data) of your online publications and start to study your customers' behaviors.

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